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Zone3 – Waterproof Phone Pouch – Clear/Orange – 2022

Zone 3

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    SKU: MT-Swim-Zone3-U-SA21WPP113
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      Zone3 – Waterproof Phone Pouch 2021 – Clear/Orange



      Simple solution to an everyday stowage problem

      Your phone might not travel with you onto the water – but you still need somewhere water-tight to store it, so that it stays safe when you emerge dripping from the pool or lake and reach for it without thinking.

      That’s why Zone3 has brought us this simple solution which keeps it dry while you’re out there yourself, which also withstands the drips when you’re drying off and changing afterwards.

      The bright colour means you should always be able to find your phone, no matter how far down into your kit bag it has sunk!


      The Brand:

      As one of the most trusted triathlon brands and the manufacturer of MyTriathlon’s best selling wetsuit, Zone3 creates wetsuits and swimwear that aim to maximise your swimming experience. A well-established British company, Zone3 is a brand whose products are designed by athletes for athletes.

      Call us at MyTriathlon today on 0207 183 4116 or contact us via WebChat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing or other specific product queries you may have.

      MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

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    • Gender: Unisex
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    • Condition: New
    • Year: 2022