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Zone3 – 2022 – Race Belt with Gel Loops

Zone 3

    MSRP: £7.50 £7.50


    SKU: MT-Acc-Zone3-Race-Belt-Gel-Loops
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      Zone3 – Race Belt with Gel Loops



      What makes this product different:


      • Known in the market as one of the highest quality race belts
      • Three energy gel loops for nutrition storage
      • Size adjustable


      A Triathlon essential which is used to keep your race number in place during the swim, cycle and run disciplines; the easiest way to save time in transition! Simply fasten your number to the belt using the toggles and you’re ready to go.


      Using toggles instead of a popper style of belt means that you are able to use the belt under wetsuits without the worry of losing your number.


      Each belt comes complete with three energy gel loops so you can keep your nutrition close to hand for when you need it! They are made from a new nylon fabric for extra grip so there is no chance that your gels could come loose. There is also a size adjustor to cater for a range of different waist sizes.


      We’d like to think that this is the highest quality race belt available on the market and not just a cheap piece of elastic with a buckle.


      This belt is also available from Zone3 with a zipped neoprene pouch or a Lycra pouch for extra storage during longer distance races or training sessions. 

      MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

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    • Gender: Unisex
    • Type: Belts
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    • Year: 2022