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Zone3 – 2022 – Attack Photochromatic Goggles

Zone 3

    MSRP: £30.00 £30.00


    SKU: MT-Swim-Zone3-0-Attack-Photochromatic-Goggles
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    • MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

      Zone3 – Attack Photochromatic Goggles


      At last a Photochromic open water swimming goggle at a sensible price. Zone3 continue to bring technology at affordable prices.


      What makes this product different:


      • Lenses transition between clear and tinted depending on the light conditions
      • Comfort focused eye sockets using an ultra soft silicone
      • Anti-fog and UVA protection


      Based on the same design as the Red and Purple Attack goggles but with a patented photo chromatic dye that causesthe lens to automatically lighten or darken when exposed to UV rays from sunlight.


      As the light conditions change the level of tint adjusts within minutes offering the optimum amount of protection according to the conditions.These lenses offer an incredible innovative feature which ensures fantastic vision, especially in outdoor conditions wheresight is very important.


      In addition, the key elements which make the goggles so popular are the ultra soft silicone eye-pieces and the extremely comfortable shape which ensure a great fit and helps to reduce any red suction marks around the eyes after swimming. The soft and flexible nature of the goggles can significantly help to minimize the chance of a serious injury if accidently knocked during a swim. They are also easy to adjust and feature a twin-piece head strap for a more supportive fit.


      It’s incredibly important to use a high quality pair of goggles for training and especially for racing so Zone3 have ensured their goggles are the best they can be. The Zone3 Attack Photochromatic goggles are one of the few swim goggles on the market offering the technology which allows the lenses to self regulate during the swim and are available at a very competitive price point. 


      MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

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