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Swim Secure – ChillSwim Safety Buoy – Tow-Float Pro

Swim Secure

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    • MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

      Swim Secure – Tow-Float Pro 



      A tow-float with a carabiner attachment for easy removal…a useful feature for swim guides to remain safe and seen in the water.


      The Product:  Originally developed byChillSwim


      The Swim Secure Tow-Float Pro is larger than the standard float and comes with a carabiner attachment that allows you to remove the float from the leash and waistband quickly.

      This feature enables swim guides to easily assist others and the rope around the outside of the float assists with holding on. 

      In situations where a swim guide may need to attract more attention to the group, the float can easily be removed to wave to a nearby boat or people on the shore. The float can also be detached and given to a swimmer who may need additional support.

      The float is designed to maximise your visibility in the open water; it is buoyant and bright orange and is recommended for open water swimmers in all bodies of water to increase your visibility to other users of the open water (such as boat users, fellow swimmers etc)

      The hydration float comes in at 43cm x 25cm x 23cm.


       Please note: this is not a buoyancy aid, it does not give any buoyancy whilst swimming. The tow-float floats behind the swimmer on a short leash.


      Key Features:

      • PERFECT FOR SWIM GUIDES – the carabiner attachment helps the float to be removed easily and enables swim guides to easily assist others in the water.

      • EASY-TO-USE – The Tow-Float Pro has a double airbag system which allows the float to be quickly inflated and deflated.
      • HIGHLY VISIBLE – with its bright orange design, the Swim Secure tow-float will help you to remain visible in the open water.

      • VERSATILE – can be used by swimmers in wetsuits or non-wetsuits.
      • LOW DRAG – the float is very low drag and you will barely notice its presence as you swim. 
      • SECURE – the adjustable belt design clips securely around your waist whilst the leash ensures the tow-float does not obstruct your path as you swim.
      • SAFE – tow-floats are recommended by the Lake District National Park Authority for safer swimming in the open water.


      PLEASE NOTE: The design has been updated. The carabiner clip shown in the images is no longer included, and the leash attaches to the perimeter rope by a loop, allowing the float to settle in the most hydrodynamic position behind the swimmer. 


      We are delighted to officially announce that Swim Secure are now a water safety partner of the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS). 

      The RLSS are the Drowning Prevention Charity and the UK’s leading provider of water safety and drowning prevention education. The Water Safety Partnership scheme enables the RLSS to support the development of best practice and safe practice in aquatic activities and equipment.
      Colin Hill, Swim Secure’s Founder, commented:
      “Swim Secure are dedicated to innovation that keeps our outdoor and ‘wild’ swimmers safe, whilst simultaneously freeing the more intrepid explorer to swim wherever and whenever they deem appropriate.
      We are dedicated to empowering swimmers of all ages and abilities to enjoy the open water safely, and this mission is mirrored in our water safety partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society UK.
      It’s a great honour to play our part in supporting their vital water safety education and drowning prevention work, in turn, our clients have the reassurance that not only are their products fit for purpose but the advice and support that we can give them is too.”


      Return Policy:

      Our return policy on Swim Buoys & Dry Bags is that they must be unused and up to 30 days after receiving the item. The reason for this policy is to avoid people using swim buoys and returning them as if they are new.


      The Brand: 

      Swim Secure are the largest suppliers of open water dry-bag and tow-floats in the UK. Their mission is to provide swimmers of all ages and abilities with the right equipment to swim safely in the open water.  Their range of products are suitable for swimmers of all abilities as well as by competent open water swimmers for increased visibility in the water.


      Call us today on 0207 183 4116, or contact us via Webchat, for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing queries you may have.

      MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

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