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Swans Open Water Seven Polarised Goggles


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    • MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

      Swans Open Water Seven Polarised Goggles


      The Open Water Seven Goggles offer optimum peripheral vision in the water without distortion.


      Swans Open Water Seven Polarised Goggles are the latest in the Swans range. A FINA approved open water goggle that is great for racing outside, the lenses are curved to increase your performance by enhancing your view in the water.

      The goggles boast seven faces that promote excellent peripheral vision without distorting your view, and the soft nose bridge and 3D gaskets enhance your comfort to make them perfect for longer swims.

      The thick, split silicone strap helps you to find the perfect fit for your face and is strong and durable, whilst ensuring the goggle remain firmly in position. A clamp on the side makes for easy adjustments as you swims.

      The goggles come with Swans’ Premium Anti-Fog technology which is proven to be four times more durable than other systems.  


      Key Features:

      • FINA APPROVED – perfect for competitions with curved lens technology.
      • COMFORTABLE – the goggles have a soft silicone gasket and 3D gaskets for comfort.
      • DURABLE – the thick, split strap is durable as well as providing a firm fit upon the face.
      • ADJUSTABLE – a side clamp allows for quick and easy adjustments.
      • PREMIUM ANTI-FOG – technology proven to be four times more durable and three times more absorbent than other anti-fog systems.
      • SUN PROTECTION – the goggles offer 100% UV A and UV B protection.
      • STORAGE – the goggles comes with a free mesh drawstring pouch.


      The Brand:

      Swans represents over 100 years of Japanese technical expertise and a leader in the development of optical glass products. Inventors of the Mirror Insert Technology, the company’s aim is to protect the eyes of their customer and they continually strive to develop new ideas and technologies to create safer and more comfortable eyewear.


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      MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

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