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Sailfish – Women’s Ultimate IPS Plus 2 Wetsuit


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    SKU: MT-WET-Sailfish-W-Wetsuit Ultimate IPS Plus 2-Black
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      Sailfish – Women’s Ultimate IPS Plus 2 Wetsuit 2021





      The ultimate neoprene wetsuit with maximum freedom of movement, buoyancy and first-class gliding properties

      Completely satisfied when you’ve achieved your goals? No way!

      Not if you want to stay at the top of the game. We are all committed to constantly improving – whether at work or at play. This is the philosophy its developers applied to the sailfish Ultimate IPS Plus women’s wetsuit – and as a result, they claim to have taken quality to a new level.

      Not only does this suit encompass everything sailfish has learned in more than 13 years of developing exceptionally high-quality wetsuits; it has also been co-developed and tested like no other suit by professionals.

      The key element that makes it better now than ever is up to 20% more buoyancy. This has been achieved by the addition of Nano Aerodome – a unique neoprene with air cells in the hip, chest and now also in the leg area, which provides abundant buoyancy and helps you achieve an even better body position in the water.

      As well as all these benefits, the Sailfish Ultimate IPS Plus boasts high-quality Nano Space Cell 2 neoprene, which provides flexibility and ideal hydrodynamics never before achieved. Add too the Avevia Super Dry lining with minimal water absorption, a low collar for greater comfort, an intelligent and perfectly balanced mix of different panels that helps the ULTIMATE IPS adapt to your body like a second skin.

      Last but not least, a new forearm panel will make a huge difference to your gliding ability and give you an even better feel as you pull yourself through the water.

      We’re offering the 2021 Sailfish wetsuit range in both men’s and women’s versions. If you’re looking for the men’s version, find it here.



      Zero Resistance Panel: A unique cut in the shoulder area minimises the material resistance in the stretched arm position. You can feel the effect of the newly developed Zero Resistance Panel when you glide through the water in full extension.
      Avevia Super Dry: The low-water-absorbing innerliner ensures maximum flexibility of the suit thanks to its excellent stretchability in combination with the neoprene. Thanks to the comparatively dry Avevia Super Dry, nothing stands in the way of fast changing times.
      Nano Space Cell 2: The ultimate in surface coatings, it reduces frictional resistance in the water to a minimum. The water-repellent surface lets you glide through the water incomparably fast.
      Stability Aero Panel: A special cut made from a more buoyant neoprene and a firmer inner lining stabilises the hips. The Stability Aero Panel reduces roll and keeps you streamlined in the water.


      About Sailfish

      The sailfish brand was founded in 2007 by former national team swimmer and fastest swimmer in triathlon Jan Sibbersen. sailfish stands for premium class triathlon and open water swim products. The award-winning wetsuits, which are known for their great flexibility, a balanced buoyancy and outstanding gliding properties in water, build the core of the collection.
      The guiding principle of sailfish is “made to make you faster”.

      Now that we’ve added sailfish wetsuits to our already leading range of products covering every leg of your triathlon, you’ve got every reason to join our many thousands-strong – and growing – band of customers. Get in touch with us if you need any advice about choosing a wetsuit by calling 0207 183 7245, or contact us via WebChat, and we’ll happily answer any queries you have.














      MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

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