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Sailfish – Men’s One Wetsuit


    MSRP: £680.00 £680.00 £544.00


    SKU: MT-WET-Sailfish-M-Wetsuit One -Black
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      Sailfish – Men’s One Wetsuit 2021





      Impressive flexibility and maximum buoyancy combine to make a massively-respected wetsuit 

      The sailfish One men’s wetsuit is a world-class suit offering maximum buoyancy.

      The One features unique Nano Aero Dome neoprene with honeycomb-shaped air cells in the chest and thighs to optimise your body position in the water..

      Enlarged Zero Resistance side panels, together with the new forearm gussets, allow your arm movements to be more efficient and free.

      This improved efficiency goes hand-in-hand with increased comfort: The highly-flexible Ultra Soft Stretch inner liner guarantees minimal resistance.

      A new lowered collar further enhances comfort – super-soft to the touch, it ensures that no water can penetrate to the inside and makes this one of the most comfortable suits you can wear for open-water racing.

      The result is an ideal competition suit for you if you’re seeking maximum buoyancy and flexibility.

      The Sailfish Wetsuit One 2021 is also available from us in a women’s version, which you’ll find here.



      Zero Resistance Panel: The newly-developed Zero Resistance Panel allows you to swim effortlessly and efficiently. Due to the specifically designed armpit panel this suit’s developers managed to reduce the effort per stroke to an absolute minimum. The suit offers no material resistance to a wearer’s outstretched arm.
      Nano Aero Dome & SCS Nano Skin: The unique neoprene with its encased air cell matrix increases buoyancy and ensures an optimum body position. Especially over long distances, it helps you to fight off fatigue for longer. The SCS Nanoskin is a neoprene outer material giving extremely low frictional resistance in water and has excellent buoyancy.
      Stability Panel: A special panel layout and a more solid neoprene on the lateral hip stabilizes the body. The Stability Panel reduces rolling motions of the hips and keeps you streamlined in the water.




      Men Size Weight [kg] Height [cm] Weight [lb] Height [ft]
      Extra Small XS 60-71 160-175 132-157 5’3″-5’9″
      Extra Small Long XSL 60-71 175-185 132-157 5’9″-6’1″
      Small S 68-79 165-180 150-174 5’5″-5’10”
      Small Long SL 72-79 180-190 159-174 5’10”-6’3″
      Medium M 78-88 175-185 172-194 5’9″-6’1″
      Medium Long ML 80-90 185-195 176-198 6’1″-6’5″
      Medium Large ML+ 85-95 175-190 188-209 5’9″-6’3″
      Large L 86-98 185-200 189-216 6’1″-6’7″
      Extra Large XL 95+ 185-205+ 209+ 6’1″-6’9″+
      Women Size Weight [kg] Height [cm] Weight [lb] Height [ft]
      Extra Small W-XS 42-50 140-160 93-110 4’7″-5’3″
      Small W-S 48-54 145-165 106-119 4’9″-5’5″
      Small/Medium W-SM 52-62 150-175 114-137 4’11”-5’9″
      Small/Medium Long W-SML 52-62 175-185 114-137 5’9-6’1″
      Medium W-M 56-72 165-180 132-158 5’5″-5’10”
      Large W-L 72+ 170-185 158+ 5’7″-6’1″


      About Sailfish

      The sailfish brand was founded in 2007 by former national team swimmer and fastest swimmer in triathlon Jan Sibbersen. sailfish stands for premium class triathlon and open water swim products. The award-winning wetsuits, which are known for their great flexibility, a balanced buoyancy and outstanding gliding properties in water, build the core of the collection.
      The guiding principle of sailfish is “made to make you faster”.

      Now that we’ve added sailfish wetsuits to our already leading range of products covering every leg of your triathlon, you’ve got every reason to join our many thousands-strong – and growing – band of customers. Get in touch with us if you need any advice about choosing a wetsuit by calling 0207 183 7245, or contact us via WebChat, and we’ll happily answer any queries you have.

      MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

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