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HUUB – Brownlee Agilis Men’s Wetsuit


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      HUUB – Brownlee Agilis Wetsuit – Men’s



      Elite pedigree in – elite performance out

      HUUB has teamed up with triathlon legends Alistair and Jonny Brownlee to explore the limits of human triathlon potential – and the early results include what the maker says is “the ultimate wetsuit for elite performance” – the Agilis.

      The triathlon legends’ input drove the manufacturer to pursue two main goals when designing the HUUB Brownlee Agilis men’s wetsuit:

      – that when wearing this suit you could swim through the full stroke cycle as though you weren’t wearing a wetsuit, and

      – it would give you the support needed to lift your hips and legs as high as possible in the water, and keep them there.

      HUUB claims this research has resulted in a wetsuit which reduces your typical maximum stretch in the water by as much as 50%. It means your stroke style can now mimic more closely than ever that when you aren’t wearing a wetsuit, to give you a new sense which they have christened Rotational Freedom.

      The exclusive foam which fills large panels in the suit gives a claimed 43% greater buoyancy than the standard neoprene construction of most wetsuits. That’s partly as a result of the foam extending further up past the thighs and hips and past the wearer’s centre of buoyancy than usual, to give the sought-for higher leg lift.

      Other features designed to give you the comfort and speed you need include a breakaway zipper, to help you make the fastest transitions, and a pressed neck edge to create the smoothest possible surface at this pressure point. is one a select band of sellers of this award-winning wetsuit, from the company which has been named ‘Best Tri Wetsuit Brand’ for six successive years.

      Check our current availability on the HUUB Agilis men’s wetsuit, and place your order for the suit with the full Brownlee seal of approval today. Order now, and you’ll also benefit from free delivery.


      Key features:

        • Arms Neutral™ exclusive and patent-pending technology delivering totally unrivalled and unmatched Rotational Freedom™.
        • HUUB’s exclusive +43™ buoyancy foam delivering 43% more buoyancy than standard neoprene.
        • Designed with the Brownlee brothers’ extensive input.
        • Highest grade neoprene construction.
        • Breakaway zipper to help you make the fastest transitions.
        • Pressed neck edge for comfort.


      The Brand: 



      A recent winner of Best Trisuit Brand of the year, HUUB continues to be at the forefront of sports science and design, producing triathlon clothing worn by elite athletes. The brand of choice for the Brownlee brothers and Helen Jenkins, HUUB is constantly researching innovative ways to maximise the potential of the athletes who wear its products.

      Call us today at MyTriathlon on 0207 183 4116 or contact us via WebChat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing or specific product queries you may have.

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