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HUUB – Big Buoy 4 Pull Buoy


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      HUUB – Big Buoy 4 Pull Buoy – 2020






      A great training tool that offers a vital alternative to damaging your wetsuit in a chlorinated pool environment


      The Product:

      The HUUB ‘Big Buoy’ Pull Buoy is for you if you need to alter your swimming posture during training without using your wetsuit. Chlorine and a wetsuit do not mix well – but with this pull buoy you can avoid prematurely damaging your expensive suit.

      HUUB calls it the Big Buoy 4 as the training tool can be used in four different positions.

      You can now switch between drag loads by utilising Hydrodynamic shaping, and can choose buoyancy focus between the legs with two different-sized end curves:

      1) More buoyancy under legs – high drag

      2) More buoyancy under legs – less drag

      3) Less buoyancy under legs – high drag

      4) Less buoyancy under legs – less drag

      This is a fantastic training tool you if you’ll benefit from extra buoyancy.


      Return Policy:

      Our return policy on Swim Buoys & Dry Bags is that they must be unused and up to 30 days after receiving the item. The reason for this policy is to avoid people using swim buoys and returning them as if they are new.


      Key Features: 

      • BUOYANCY – the buoy has 34 Newtons of powerful buoyancy flotation – twice the average of similar products.
      • HELPFUL TRAINING TOOL – has excellent flotation properties, so replicates wetsuit swimming and helps you achieve proper body alignment in the water.


      The Brand: 



      A recent winner of Best Trisuit Brand of the year, HUUB continues to be at the forefront of sports science and design, producing triathlon clothing and accessories worn and used by elite athletes. The brand of choice for the Brownlee brothers and Helen Jenkins, HUUB is constantly researching innovative ways to maximise the potential of the athletes who wear its products.

      Call us today at MyTriathlon on 0207 183 4116 or contact us via WebChat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing or specific product queries you may have.

      MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

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    • Year: 2022