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2XU – Propel Pro Wetsuit – Women’s – 2022


    MSRP: £600.00 £600.00


    SKU: MT-WET-2XU-W-WW5125C-2020
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      2XU – Propel Pro Wetsuit – Women’s – 2020




      The ultimate wetsuit for powering through your next race with comfort, speed and freedom to move

      The 2020 2XU Propel Pro women’s wetsuit, with an expected release date of 17th February, features the latest in wetsuit technology and design innovation.

      Cutting-edge design features include a premium silicone coating for extra buoyancy in the water, stretch zone panels to help you move faster, enhanced lateral flexibility, and a seamless shoulder panel. All are combined to help you achieve your best time yet.

      This is the latest iteration of a suit which has been a past winner of 220Triathlon’s ‘Best on Test’ award, and which uses 45 cell, the world’s most flexible neoprene material, combined with panels boasting unparalleled buoyancy. This all means that your form in the water is optimised, so you can generate as much power as possible with every stroke.


      Garment Features:

      NANO SCS COATING: (Hydrodynamic silicone coating) Extra 4% buoyancy and improved hydrodynamics
      45 CELL SEAMLESS SHOULDER/ARM PANEL: 1mm neoprene for flexibility, comfort and freedom of movement
      FRONT PANEL WITH SEAMLESS BUOYANCY INSERTS: To give you improved buoyancy and increased flexibility
      INTERMEDIATE STRETCH ZONE (ISZ) PANELS: For fluid movement through the water
      EMBOSSED CONCAVE WATER ENTRAPMENT ZONE: To help you achieve a greater distance per stroke
      LOWER LEG PROPULSION PANEL: Gives you increased kick power
      TRANSITION PANEL: With seam overlap technology
      520% STRETCH (Internal): For even more enhanced lateral flexibility
      FLOATING ZIP PANEL: To give you increased movement for better distance per stroke and added comfort
      ROLLBAR: Lifts your hips in the water for better body rotation, improve your body position and increase your core buoyancy in the water


      Fabric Benefits:

      1. 45 CELL shoulder and arm panels for increased range of movement
      2. Nano SCS Coating for improved buoyancy and hydrodynamics
      3. 520% internal stretch for greater range of movement


      The Brand 

      2XU (“Two Times You”) is an Australian sportswear brand, started in 2005, specialising in compression and recovery-wear.

      As the compression partner to some of the world’s best teams, 2XU’s compression products are a vital part of any athlete’s sports kit: helping you to recover, regenerate and perform at your best.


      Call MyTriathlon, the triathlon wetsuit specialist, today on 0207 183 4116 or contact us via WebChat for friendly, expert advice and for answers to any sizing queries you may have.

      MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

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