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2XU – Nutrition Race Belt – Unisex – 2022


    MSRP: £8.00 £8.00


    SKU: MT-TRI-2XU-U-UQ3800G-2020
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      2XU – Nutrition Race Belt




      Achieve your best race result with the Nutrition Race Belt, including a fully adjustable waistband, gel storage and toggles for attaching race number.Ê


      Recommended Activity:



      Waist Band / Fit Category:



      Garment Features:

      1. Safe and secure design – clear display of race details.
      2. Low profile for a comfortable feel against the hips.
      3. Fully adjustable.
      4. Quick-release toggle.


      Fabric Benefits:



      Compression Benefits:






      Additional Tech Call Out:



      Tech Information:




      The Brand: 

      2XU (“Two Times You”) is an Australian sportswear brand, started in 2005, that specialises in compression and recovery-wear.

      As the compression partner to some of the world’s best teams, their compression products are a vital part of any athlete’s sports kit: helping you to recover, regenerate and perform at your best.


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      MyOpenWaterSwim, everything you need for your open-water swim.

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    • Weight: 0.1 kg
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Type: Belts
    • Category: Triathlon
    • Condition: New
    • Year: 2022