Mid Level Wetsuit Session Hire


Wetsuit Session Hire


Wetsuit Session Hire For MyOpenWaterSwim

MyOpenWaterSwim.co.uk has teamed up with MyTriathlon to provide wetsuits from top brands such as Zone3, Huub, Blueseventy, Orca & 2XU.

We believe that the only true way of knowing if a wetsuit fits well and is comfortable is to test it out in the water, after all that’s where you are going to be using it!

We will only bring a limited number of wetsuits to each swim, so pre-booking here is the best way to ensure that you have a wetsuit that fits for your swim.

Entry Level Wetsuits = [ < £220 RRP ]

Mid Level Wetsuits = [ £220 – £375 RRP ]

Top Level Wetsuits = [ > £375 RRP ]


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