Lake Swims

Swim The Lakes

The MyOpenWaterSwim safety Team have an unrivalled experience in managing long Distance swims in the Lake District

Contact Steve on 01625 800802 for more information

Whether you are planning to swim any of the lakes

– Windermere
– Coniston
– Ullswater
– Derwentwater
– Buttermere
– Crummock

The team have the highest level of open water safety experience

– Numerous experience of the lakes

– Single person One way lake swims
– Single Person Two way lake swims

– Two person One way lake swims
– Two Person Two way lake swims

Lead Team experience at

– Nottingham ITU World Triathlon
– Leeds ITU World Triathlon, and age group swims with waves of 200 swimmers
– Breca SwimRun Coniston
– Four times weekly responsible for the regular open water swim safety at Pennington Flash of over 100 swimmers.

Quality Safety Craft

The Lakes can get as rough as the sea on occasions. You need a Class A, B or C raft. The team has a class A Avonmill


SCSA swim
REC level 2
Powerboat level 2

Life Saving Skills

At an open water swim in 2018 a swimmer who was unresponsive was brought back to the jetty, CPR administered and application of a defibrillator brought the swimmer back to life with full recovery.

Understanding the Risks

With ferries on several of the lakes, you will need a support team who have experience of these lakes.

The better days for full length swims are weekdays and Sundays.

Contact Steve on 01625 800802 for more information