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Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Venue Information


LA22 0LZ -post code for the ferry on the West Bank – the swim is a 5 minute walk from here

The Windermere swim is based close to the Bowness Ferry, on the west side of the lake, about 10 minute walk from the ferry.

We have a 400m, 750m, 1k courses.

Here’s the location


Wetsuits are available to hire and you can book one HERE.

We also have Tow floats to buy or hire.

Wetsuits are encouraged, and are required for under 18s.

Directions – the post code is LA22 0LZ

Walking or Bike
If you’re staying in Bowness or Windermere, the ferry is a few minute walk or cycle from the centre of Bowness. The ferry costs just £1 for walkers, £2 for cyclists.

You can park at the Ferry car park and walk across or drive across. There are two National Trust car parks close to the swim. Some people do park on the grass but care needs to be taken as there are rocks around.

Here is the routes


This is how it looks today


Lake District Open Water Swims – Ullswater – Pooley Bridge

Ullswater is one of the four large lakes in the Lake District.

The swim is at the Pooley Bridge end of the lake at the beautifully located Park Foot Camp Site. Park Foot provide parking, how showers and a day at their camp site for just £5.

There will be four swims lasting one hour each starting at 14:00PM ; 14:30; 15:00pm; 15:30PM.

The course is a one Km course and is attached.

MyOpenWater swim has a swim on Windermere on a Wednesday and Ullswater on a Sunday.